Vithura Police Station

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This police station was opened by Sri. Pattom Thanu pillai, the then Chief Minister of Travancore –Kochi state on 29-10-1954. Till then it was an outpost of Kattakada Police Station .The out post was upgraded into a charging Police Station vide G.O Rt.27343/54/C The station had been functioning in old building since 1971. Due to the dilapidated condition a new building was constructed by KPHCC and station was shifted in to new building on 09.5.2008.

Initially Vithura Police Station was under the Circle limit of Nedumangad and the station had two outposts namely Palode and Ponmudi. Later Palode and Ponmudi outposts were upgraded to charging stations on 03-02-81 and 27-07-88 respectively. For a short period, Peppara was also outpost and it was abolished later.

On 20-03-90 onwards Vithura has been functioning under the circle limit of Palode. The jurisdiction of Vithura Police Station comprises of revenue villages namely Tholikkodu, Vithura and parts of Thennoor. Thus in total Vithura Police Station has an area covering about 53.12 Sq Km and population of about 95000.

The station building is situated near Vithura Junction, adjacent to SH -45 in survey No 942 of Tholikkodu Village under Nedumangad taluk with an extent of 5 acres 37 cents of land .During 1998 ,19 cents of land were handed over to Telecom Department for constructing BSNL office. In the station compound there are 16 quarters situated. Out of them 3 quarters were temporarily handed over to Fire and Rescue department on 29-01-14 for opening new Fire station.

Vithura is a charming and fascinating high range place, attracting many. It has in it thick forests, dams, tea plantations, water falls, snowy dawns and bright dusks. The land has a history of productive agriculture.

Jurisdiction Details

The jurisdictional area of Vithura police station comprising villages namely Tholikkodu, Vithura and parts of Thennoor village. Two Panchayats namely Tholikkode and Vithura are come under the jurisdiction.

Border Police Stations

The border Police stations of Vithura PS are Neyyardam, Aryanad, Valiyamala, Palode and Ponmudi.

Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

Vithura Police Station limit comes under Attingal Parliamentary Constituency and in Aruvikkara Legislative Assembly.

Major Establishments and Institutions


  • Vithura Taluk Hospital Vithura
  • Tholicode Primary Health Centre Tholikode
  • Homeo Hospital kallar
  • Ayurveda Hospital Chennampara
  • Ayurveda Hospital Tholicode
  • Vetnery Hospital Vithura
  • Vivekanda Hospital Vithura
  • Vithura KPSM Hospital KPSM
  • Rohini Hospital Iruthalmoola

Government Institutions

  • Vithura KSEB
  • Tholicode KSEB
  • Village office Vithura
  • Village office Tholicode
  • panchayat office Vithura
  • panchayat office Tholicode
  • Agriculture office Vithura
  • Sub Registar Office Vithura
  • Forest Office Peppara
  • Forest Office KPSM Jn
  • Forest Office Kallar
  • Forest Office Valenki
  • Forest Office Chathankode
  • Diary Farm Chettachal
  • Jersifarm Maruthamala
  • Water Authority Office Vithura
  • Fire Station Vithura
  • BSNL Office Vithura
  • Post office Vithura
  • Post office Chettachal
  • Post office Tholicode
  • Beverage Vithura
  • SubTresuary Vithura
  • Khadi Board Vithura

Educational Institutions

  • Govt VHSS Vithura
  • Govt VHSS Tholikode
  • Govt. HSS Vithura
  • Govt.Hss & UPS Tholikode
  • GOVT.UPS & LPS Vithura
  • VV Dayani UPS Valiyavenkode
  • Themala UPS Thallachira
  • UPS Maruthamala
  • Ponmudy vally Charupara
  • Allsaints Chayam
  • ARR Public School Tholikode
  • AL Rifa School Tholikode
  • UPS Chayam
  • UPS Manalayam
  • GOVT HSS Chettachal
  • IISER Maruthamala
  • Thevanpara UPS
  • Kallar UPS

Banks and Financial Institutions

  • SBT Vithura Vithura
  • Fedaral Bank Vithura
  • Canara Bank Vithura
  • Gramin Bank Vithura
  • Indian Bank Vithura
  • Co-Operative Society Vithura
  • KSFE Vithura
  • Muthoot Fin Corp Vithura
  • Minimuthoot Vithura
  • LIC Vithura Vithura
  • Co-Operative Society Tholikode
  • Indian Bank Tholikode
  • Muthoot Fin Corp Tholikode

Religious Buildings and Places

  • Siva Temble Vithura
  • Bhadrakali Temble Chayam
  • Subramania Temble Chayam
  • Sreekrishna Temble Anapetty
  • Sreekrishna Temble Anapara
  • Velankani Church Vithura
  • CSI Church 18th stone
  • CSI Church Theviyode
  • ThevanparaChurch Thevanpara
  • Muslim Jamath Tholikode
  • Alrifa Suni Mosque Tholikode
  • Jamath Mosque Vithura



Agasthyarkoodam is a pilgrimage centre for devotees of the Hindu sage Agastya, who is considered to be one of the seven rishis (Saptarishi) of Hindu Puranas. Annual Agasthyamala pilgrimage takes place in the month of February and March

Transportation-Main Roads

SH- 45 (Vazhayila-ponmudi) passes through Vithura Police Station limit. Another important road is Vithura – Palode.

Rivers, Streams and Main Cultivation

Vamanapuram River, one of the important rivers of Kerala, passes through Vithura. It is locally known as Kallar. It is a tourist attraction and also notorious for its unexpected sudden flooding.

Main cultivation is rubber .The economy depends the same. Cassava and coconut are also the crops of the area.

Traditionally Important Places

Vithura is also famous for the Adivasi (tribal) market, which is popularly known as Anthichantha (evening market). Tribal people in the area go to forest and collect edible fruits and honey which are sold in this market. Large number of people came here to buy the precious medicinal items from the market.

Tourism Importance


Vithura is situated in the valley of famous Pomudi hills. A large area of land in Vithura Police station limit is covered with forest. Kallar River, peppara dam, Meenmutty waterfalls are main attractions .A lot of tourists, local and non local, come here to spend some time with nature and trekking.

One thing is to remember first is that there is a history of tourists met in ganger in water falls and sudden flooding streams.

District Tourism promotion council, forest department and police give guidance and assistance to the tourists.


Kallar is a picturesque village in Thiruvananthapuram District. It is under Vithura PS Limit. The place gets its name from the Kallar River.

Meenmutty Falls

Meenmutty Falls

Meenmutty Falls is located 45 km from Thiruvananthapuram. This waterfalls is located near the Neyyar reservoir area. No transportation is available to the falls. This waterfalls is on the trek path to Agastyakoodam. There is a forest rest house near the falls. To visit the falls permission from the forest department is required.

Peppara Dam

Peppara reservoir is the main source water supply to Thiruvananthapuram district .The constructions of dam commence since 1977 and was commissioned in 1983. The maintenance and functioning of dam is done by Kerala Water Authority. There is a mini hydroelectric power project is also here.

Peppara Dam

Accident Prone Areass

As a high range, roads are full of curves. Speed limit is regulated in an average of 40 km/Hr in the area.

Accident Prone Areass are 1) Chennampara Curve 2) Anappara –Kallar stretch.

Main Projects through the Police Station

A.Janamaithri Suraksha Project

Since 2012 this project is successfully implemented Vithura Police station. For the convenience of the project functioning, Station area is divided in to 7 beats .Of that the VII beat is tribal beat which comprise 10 clusters of tribal settlements. Each beat has its Beat officer and Assistant Beat officer. The officers who go in the field keep liaison with people which help to maintain law and order in the jurisdiction.

B. Student Police Cadet Project

From 2012-13 academic years, Student Police Cadet Project is being implemented in Government VHSS Vithura. First batch of cadets were successfully completed the training and they passed out in 2014. Next batchs are going on.SPC indulge in various social activities such as protection of Mother Nature, campaign against alcohol and tobacco.

C. School Protection Group and clean campus and safe campus

The SPG is being organized in Government VHSS Vithura, HS Anppara and in HS Tholikkodu. With the assistance of PTA and teachers programs like campus cleaning and orientation classes are taking place.

Women Help Desk

There is a woman desk is functioning exclusively for women.