Pothencode Police Station

0471 - 2716100 shoptnkdtvmrl.pol@kerala.gov.in

Pothencode police station was opened on 21,12.2006, 5.30 PM wide G.O.No(Rt) 2984/2006/ Home dated Thiruvananthapuram 18th December 2006. It was inaugurated by Honorable Home Minister Sri. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan on 21.12.2006 at 5.30 PM. Pothencode Police Station is functioning in a hired building PP VIII/557 which is situated in Pothencode - Andoorkonam road, 500 meter away from the junction.

Jurisdiction Details

The jurisdictional area of Pothencode Police Station comprises the Revenue Villages namely Keezhthonnakkal, Melthonnakkal, Andoorkonam, Ayirooppara, Uliyazhthura , Vembayam, Koliyakode and Manikkal

The Panchayaths are Pothencode (full), Manikkal (partial), Vembayam (partial) Andoorkonam (partial) and some areas of Thiruvananthapuram corporation (Kattayikonam, chanthavila, Njandoorkonam)

Border Police Stations

Mangalapuram, Kazhakuttom, Venjaramoode, Vattappara and Sreekaryam

Jurisdictional Courts

Judicial First Class Magistrate Court - I, Attingal SDMC, Thiruvananthapuram

Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

Pothencode Police Station limit comes under Chirayinkeezhu Parliament Constituency and Attingal Legislative Assembly

Major Establishments and Institutions


  • Sisrutha Hospital, Pothencode
  • Karunya Hospital Pothencode
  • SN. Hospital, Pothencode
  • Mission Hospital, Pothencode
  • Sabha Hospital , Vavarayambalam

Government Institutions

  • Ayirooppara Village Office Kattaikonam
  • Keezh Thonnakkal village Office Pothencode
  • Pothancode Panchayath Office Karoor
  • Veterinary Hospital Pothencode
  • KSEB Asst. Engineer office, Pothencode
  • Post Office Pothencode
  • Post Office Ayirooppara
  • Post Office Kattaikonam
  • BSNL office Pothencode
  • Ayurveda Hospital Pothencode
  • Sub Register office Pothencode
  • Agriculture office Pothencode
  • Veterinary Hospital Kalloor
  • Beverages Pothencode
  • KSRTC Bus Dipo Pothencode
  • Homeo Hospital Pothencode

Educational Institutions

  • Sree Narayana B.ed College Pothencode
  • Ayurveda college Santhigiri
  • Lekshmi vilasom HSS Karoor
  • Sree Narayana Public School Chenkottukonam
  • Rajadhi Raja Nursery & LPS, School Pothencode
  • Mary Matha LPS Pothencode
  • St. Thomas LPS Pothencode
  • Nizamiya Public School Pothencode
  • Santhigiri HSS & UPS Santhigiri
  • Eswara vilasom UPS Koithoorkonam
  • Arabic College Pulimoodu
  • St. Thomas Engineering college, Chanthavila

Banks and Financial Institutions

  • SBT Pothencode
  • SBI Pothencode
  • Federal bank Pothencode
  • ICICI Pothencode
  • Union Bank Pothencode
  • Uco Bank Koithoorkonam
  • Canera Bank Kattaikonam
  • Bankof Beroda Pothencode
  • South Indian Bank Ayirooppara
  • KSFE Pothencode
  • Ayirooppara Farmers Bank Pothencode

Religious Buildings and Places

  • St. Thomas Malankara, Catholic Church Pothencode
  • CSI Church Pothencode
  • CSI Church Kodikkunnil
  • Malankara Catholic Church Ayirooppara
  • Mary Matha Convent Pothencode
  • CSI Church Nr.Nannattukavu
  • Malankara Catholic Church Kalladichavila
  • CSI Church Chanthavila
  • Roman Catholic Church Mangattukonam
  • CSI Church Mangattukonam
  • CSI Church Chenkottukonam
  • Roman Catholic Church Pothencode
  • Roman Catholic Church Chenkottukonam
  • Roman Catholic Church Koithoorkonam
  • Malankara Catholic Church Vengode
  • Town Masjid Pothencode
  • Juma Ath Nannattukavu
  • Thykka Palli Muramel
  • Thykka Palli Maruthummoodu
  • Thykka Palli Cheruvalli, thalakkonam
  • Juma Ath Pulimoodu
  • Juma Ath Cheruvalli
  • Juma Ath Vavarayambalam
  • Thykka Palli Manjamala
  • Thykka Palli Nethajipuram
  • Juma Ath Vettoorkonam
  • Mohideen Thykka Palli Nannattukavu
  • Thykka Palli Nannattukavu
  • Mahadeva Temple Madavoorppara
  • Pillayammachan Temple Nannattukavu
  • Devi Temple Neyyanamoola
  • Bala Subrahmaniya temple Chanthavila
  • Devi Temple Maruppancode
  • Parameswari Temple Sreenarayanapuram
  • Thampuram Temple Aruvikkarakonam
  • Mahadeva Temple Andoorkonam
  • Devi Temple Anakkodu
  • Ayiravalli Te4mple Perinchirakonbam
  • Mahadeva Temple Pulimathoor, Nannattukavu
  • Mahadeva Temple Karoor
  • Madathil Sree Krishna Swami Temple Kalloor
  • Thampuran Temple Ayaniyarthala
  • Aliyavoor Temple Kanjikkal
  • Bhadrakali Temple Vengode
  • Thampuran Temple Ariyottukonam
  • Maha vishnu temple Vavarayambalam
  • Devi Temple Kodalikonam
  • Muthumariyamman temple Nannattukavu
  • Bhagavathi temple Kanjampara
  • Madan Nada Temple Nannattukavu
  • Thenguvila Devi Temple Kattaikonam
  • Kuzhikkattukonam Ayirooppara
  • Kunnathu Bhagavathi Temple Vavarayambalam
  • Varuvila Bhadrakali temple Thonnakkal
  • Maha vishnu temple Thrijyothipuram
  • Devi Temple Manalakam
  • Bhadrakali Temple Kalloor
  • Devi Temple Kundayathunada, Sasthavattom
  • Ayiravalli Temple Vazhakkadu
  • Swayam Bhoo Hanuman Temple Vazhakkadu
  • Madannada Devi Temple Kalluvetti
  • Manikanta Sastha Temple Muramel
  • Muthumariyamman temple Panimoola
  • Anna Poorneswari Temple Idathara
  • Ayiravalli temple Vattaparampil
  • Maha Ganapathi temple Melevila
  • Nagaraj Durgha Devi Temple Thiruvattathara, Koliyacode
  • Bhagavathy Temple Vavarakunnu
  • Devi Temple Aruvikkarakonam
  • Sree Dharma Sastha Temple Koonayil
  • Bhagavathy Temple Myladummukal
  • Ooruttumandapam devi Temple Thachapalli
  • Elluvila devi Temple Aliyavoor
  • kannettuvila devi Temple kattaikonam
  • Nediyarathala devi temple Kattaikonam
  • Madan kavu sree dhurga temple Thittayathukonam
  • Sree Krishna Swami Temple Ayirooppara
  • Sree Dharma Sastha Temple Poolanthara
  • Thampuran Temple Udayanpara
  • Korattoor Sree Dharma Sastha Temple Chanthavila
  • Pazhanilam Ottumadan Temple Thippalikonam
  • Sree Ujayini Maha Kali amman Temple Mohanapuram
  • Ardha Nareeswari Temple Thattamkonam, Nannattukavu
  • Thampuram Temple Idathadu
  • Mullarikonam Nagaru Kavu Kavuvila
  • Mannarathodi chamundi Temple Chanthavila
  • Panimoola devi Temple

Panimoola Devi Temple, Pothancode

Panimoola Devi Temple

Panimoola temple is situated 2 km from Pothencode. Rock cut temples are one of the main styles of Kerala architecture from the 7th to 9th centuries AD. This cave temple is found at the mid-height of the rock, facing south west. The Department of Archaeology declared this temple a protected monument in 1965

Transportation- Main Roads

By pass Road( Chanthavila to Koliyakode)

Accident Prone Areass

  • Pothencode Venjaramoodu Road Santhigiri,Poolanthara
  • Pothencode Vetturoad Road Narikkal
  • Pothencode Vetturoad Road Kattaikonam
  • Pothencode Vetturoad Road Chanthavila

Main Projects through the Police Stations

Students Police Cadet at L.V.H.S, Pothencode

Clean Campus Sage Campus at L.V.H.S, Pothencode and Government HSS Ayirooppara

Women Help Desk

Women Help Desk is implemented and is active.