Poovar Police Station

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Poovar Police Station was started functioning in an O.P building on 1-5-1965 in Thirupuram Panchayath. It was later shifted to the present building at Poovar on 13-3-1981 vide C.O No. 509/81 dated 27-2-1981 (SR No 275/87). Inauguration of the new Police Station was done by Sri. T.K Ramakrishnan, Honourable Home Minister of Kerala. The function was presided over IGP Sri. T.A.S. Iyer IPS and D.I.G .Sri.Abdul Sathar Kunju IPS. At present the Poovar Police Station is situated in Poovar Panchayath.

Office of the Inspector of Police, Poovar is also in the Poovar Police Station Building.

Poovar is basically a fishing village. The estuary there is one among the natural wonders where the Lake, River, Sea and Beach meet the land at Pozhikkara. Poovar Pozhikara Beach and Neyyar boating Service are the important places in Poovar Police Station limit. So many tourists from different parts of the country and also from other countries are visiting these places every day.

Jurisdiction Details

Revenue villages - Thirupuram and Poovar

Panchayats - Thirupuram and Poovar

Border Police Stations

The border Police stations of Poovar PS are Pozhiyoor, Neyyattinkara and Kanjiramkulam.

Jurisdictional Courts

Judicial First Class Magistrate Court -II, Neyyattinkara.

Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

The jurisdictional area of Poovar Police Station comes under Thiruvananthapuram Parliamentary Constituency and Kovalam Legislative Assembly

Major Establishments and Institutions


  • Community Health Center, TB Junction , Poovar

Government Institutions

  • KSEB Nambyathy, Poovar
  • Village Office Thirupuram, Poovar
  • Sub Registrar Office Poovar
  • KSRTC Poovar
  • Panchayath Office, Poovar Poovar
  • Panchayath Office, Thirupuram Pazhayakada
  • Agro Centre Iruvaikonam
  • Krishi Bhavan Poovar

Educational Institutions

  • BSSC, ITC Paraniyam
  • Govt. HSS Paraniyam
  • Govt. HS Paraniyam
  • UP School Kanchampazhinji
  • Govt. LPS Puthenkada
  • Govt. LPS Arumanoorthura
  • MVHSS Arumanoor
  • St. Joseph LPS Mulluvila
  • LMS, LPS Thirupuram, Poovar
  • HSS Poovar
  • HS Poovar
  • LMS, LPS Kutaninnathil
  • Govt. HS Thirupuram
  • Govt. HSS Poovar
  • MVHSS Poovar
  • Angels UPS Poovar

Banks and Financial Institutions

  • KSFE Poovar
  • SBT Poovar
  • Federal Bank Poovar
  • Muthoot Poovar
  • Manapuram Poovar
  • Canera Bank Arumanoor
  • Tamil Nadu Mercantile Bank Pazhayakada
  • Muthoot Pazhayakada

Religious Buildings and Places

  • Town Mosque Poovar
  • Oliyullaha Poovar
  • Thakapally Near Soolamkudi
  • St.Berthalomeo Church Poovar
  • CSI Paraniyam Paraniyam
  • CSI Poovar Poovar
  • Sastha temple Poovar
  • Nayinar Temple Arumanoor
  • Sree Mahadeva temple Thirupuram
  • Koyikal Bhadrakali temple Thirupuram
  • Bhadrakali temple Thirupuram

Transportation-Main Roads

  • Neyyattinkara – Poovar Road
  • Vizhinjam – Poovar Road
  • Kanjiramkulam – Poovar Road

Rivers and Streams

Neyyar river at flows through this station limit.

Tourism Importance

Poovar Backwater Tourism

Poovar Beach

Poovar is a beautiful village embraced by a lovely beach on one side and the backwaters on the other. Poovar has an estuary which connects with the sea during high tides. Neyyar River passes through Neyyattinkara taluk into the Arabian Sea near Poovar. Its natural beauty enables it to be a quiet tourist spot. The beautiful Poovar beach offers a number of recreational facilities to the visitors such as Swimming, boating, backwater trips, water sports etc. The wonderful Kerala backwaters can be enjoyed to its fullest at Poovar. The area is abundant in well-preserved local flora, with hundreds of species of spices, exotic flowers, complete with banana and coconut groves.

Historical Importance

Poovar has had strong ties with erstwhile princely state of Travancore, especially with Martanda Varma Maharaja. Though Marthanda Varma Maharaja was proclaimed the successor of the King, the two sons of the late King ( Ettuveetil Pillamar) with the help of Madampis tried to usurp power. The Maharaja had to flee from his land as he had life threat from the Thampis and in the process landed up in Poovar. A rich businessman of Poovar, Moosa Marikar, gave asylum to the King and later helped him regain his throne as well. During his exile, when he sheltered at Poovar, the King saw carpet of red flowers that had fallen from Kovala trees on the Neyyar River. According to legend, the King named the stream as ‘Poovar’ because he described it as a ‘Poo-Aar’, which means a stream of flowers.

Accident Prone Areas

  • In front of Bhasuram Petrol Pump Poovar

Main Projects through the Police Stations

Kadalora Jagratha Samithis are going on well in Poovar Circle.

Clean Campus and safe Campus projects were implemented in Govt. High School, Thirupuram, Govt. High School, Paraniyam and Govt. V.H.S.S, Poovar.

Women Help Desk

Women Help Desk is implemented and is active.