Parassala Police Station

0471 - 2202023

Parassala Police Station was opened on 01.05.1969 as per the G.O.No.(Rt)726/69 Home dated 29.04.1969 and started functioning in an old building near Parassala Junction where the officers quarters is now constructed. This police station building was opened on 01.11.1980 vide G.O.(Rt)No.2150/80 Home dated 10.10.1980, situated about 800m north from Parassala Post Office Junction on the Western side of Parassala-Vellarada road. The building number PP.V.21 (A) situated in Survey No.129/1 of Parassala village in Neyyattinkara Thaluks. Re-survey No.352/3, Block No.50, 49 cent 19 Are 90 sq. meter. This police station sharing border area with Tamil Nadu.

Jurisdiction Details

Jurisdiction of the Parassala Police Station consists of 4 villages namely Chenkal, Kollayil, Parasuvaikkal and Parassala and the 3 Panchayats namely Parassala, Kollayil and Chenkal.

Border Police Stations

This police station shared border with Tamilnadu state. Border police stations of Parassala are Palukal, Kaliyikkavila, Kollemcode (Tamilnadu), Neyyattinkara, Marayamuttom, Vellarada and Pozhiyoor.

Jurisdictional Courts

a) Judicial First Class Magistrate Court II Neyyattinkara, b) Sub Divisional Magistrate Court, Thiruvananthapuram, c) Principal Sessions Court, Thiruvananthapuram, d) Chief Judicial Magistrate Court, Thiruvananthapuram.

Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

Parliament Constituency of Parassala Police Station is Thiruvananthapuram. and Legislative Assembly comprises of Neyyattinkara and Parassala.

Major Establishments and Institutions


  • Taluk Head Quarter Hospital, Parassala
  • Primary Health Center, Parasuvaikkal Parasuvaikkal
  • Saraswathy Hospital, Pavathiyanvila, Parassala
  • Veterinary Clinic Parassala
  • Animal Husbantary center, Parassala
  • Govt. Ayoorveda Hospital , Parassala
  • Veterinary pig breeding center, Parassala
  • Veterinary Dispensery, Nediyamcode
  • Khans Hospital Parassala
  • Veterinary Goat farm, Parassala
  • SP Hospital Parassala
  • Ayoorveda Hospital, Udiyankulangara
  • Ayoorveda Hospital, Chenkal
  • Primary Health center, Chenkal
  • Veterinary Dispensery, Vlathankara
  • Govt. Homeo dispensery Chenkal
  • Primary Health Center, Kollayil
  • Homeo dispensery, Kollayil
  • Veterinary Dispensery, Kollayil
  • Trinity hospital,Amaravila

Government Institutions

  • Post office, Parassala
  • Railway Office, Parassala
  • PWD building Section, Parassala
  • KSEB, Pavathiyanvila Pavathiyanvila
  • Block SC-ST Development office, Parassala
  • Sub treasury parassala Parassala
  • Fire Station, Parassala
  • Block Office, Parassala
  • NIP Channel Section Parassala
  • Sub RT Office, Parassala
  • KSRTC, Kurumkutty Kurumutty
  • Asst. Engineer LSGD , Parassala
  • Sub Registrar Office, Parassala
  • Village office, Parasuvaikkal Parasuvaikkal
  • Minor and Irrigation office, Parassala
  • Krishi Bhavan, Parassala
  • Regional Check post, Kurumkutty Kurumkutty
  • KSBC, Parassala
  • Veterinary Check post Karali Karali
  • Water Supply section, Parassala
  • Dairy Extension office, Parassala
  • BSNL Office, Parassala
  • Beverages corporation, Kaliyikkavila Kaliyikkavila
  • AEO Office, Parassala
  • Panchayath office, Parassala
  • LSGD, Chenkal Parassala
  • Sub registrar Office, Amaravila Amaravila
  • Gramapanchayath Chenkal Chenkal
  • Krishi Bhavn Chenkal Chenkal
  • Supplyco, Udiyankulangara Udiyankulangara
  • BSNL Office, Udiyankulangara Udiyankulangara
  • Gramapanchayath, Kollayil Kollayil
  • Krishi Bhavan, Kollayil Kollayil
  • Post Office, Dhanuvachapuram Dhanuvachapuram
  • LSGD, Kollayil Kollayil
  • BSNL Office, Manivila Manivila

Educational Institutions

  • Govt: Girls High School, Dhanuvachapuram
  • N.S.S.H.S.S, Dhanuvachapuram
  • NKM Govt: HHS,Dhanuvachapuram
  • LMS PLS Maipuram
  • Evans LP,Parassala
  • Evans HS,Parassala
  • LPS Karumanoor
  • LMS LPS Palukal
  • Govt: Girls High School,Parassala
  • LPS,Inchivila
  • Samuel LMS LPS,Cheruvarakonam
  • Samuel LMS HS,Cheruvarakonam
  • SA LPS Kurumkutty
  • LPS,Parasuvaikkal
  • LMS LPS,Ponnamkulam
  • LMS LPS Arayoor
  • Leksmivilasom Govt: HS Arayoor
  • LMS LPS,Udiyankulangara
  • JBS,Amaravila
  • AMC English Medium School,Cheruvarakonam
  • HI J,Public School,Idichikkaplamoodu
  • Fathima Public School,Kottamom
  • Sree Nandanam Pulic School,Kurumkutty
  • UP School,Chenkal
  • Sai Krishna Public School,Chenkal
  • Vrindavan High School,Vlathankara
  • New Jyothi Central School,Vattavila
  • Govt: LPS, Aynkamom
  • Shivaji ITC,Idichikkaplamoodu
  • St.Mary's LPS,Mariyapuram
  • LMS LPS,Amaravila
  • VTMNSS College,Dhanuvachapuram
  • IHRD College, Dhanuvachapuram
  • Sreekrishna Pharmacy College,Muriyankara
  • Bharatheeya Vidyapeedom Residential School, Parassala
  • BFM Residential School,Parasuvaikkal
  • Noterdam Convent, Idichikkaplamoodu
  • Govt: Women Polytechnical Institution, Parassala
  • ITC,Mariyapuram
  • ITI,Dhanuvachapuram
  • Samuel L.M.S.H.S. Cheruvarakonam
  • Govt LPS, Alathottam
  • LMS UPS Parasuvaikkal
  • LPS Kodavilakom
  • Govt LP G S School, Chenkal
  • Govt. LP BS chenkal
  • LMS LPS Kodangara
  • RC LPS Kochottukonam
  • Loodaran UPS Ponvila
  • NSS English Medium High School, Dhanuvachapuram

Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Service Co-Operative bank, Parasuvikkal Parasuvaikkal
  • Syndicate bank, Parasuvaikkal Parasuvaikkal
  • Syndarma Finance, PSLA Parassala
  • KSFE, PSLA Parassala
  • Central Bank of India, PSLA Parassala
  • Popular Finance, PSLA Parassala
  • Service Co-Operative bank, PSLa Parassala
  • Muthoot Finance, PSLA - 2 Parassala
  • Muthoot FIN corp, PSLA Parassala
  • LIC Office, PSLA Parassala
  • Service Co-operative bank, Cheruvarakonam Cheruvarakonam
  • SBT, PSLA Parassala
  • south Indian Baknk, PSLA Parassala
  • Indian Bank, PSLA Parassala
  • canera bank, PSLA Parassala
  • Madura Micro Finance, PSLA Parassala
  • SBT, Udiyankulangara Udiyankulangara
  • Joint farming Co-operative Society, Chenkal Chenkal
  • Service Co-operative Bank, Chenkal Chenkal
  • Manappuram Finance, Udiyankulangara Udiyankulangara
  • Housing Co-operative Society Chenkal Chenkal
  • Muthoot Finance, Udiyankulangara Udiyankulangara
  • South Indian Baknk, Udiyankulangara Udiyankulangara
  • Minimuthoot, Udiyankulangara Udiyankulangara
  • Adam Finance, Udiyankulangara Udiyankulangara
  • Vijayabank, Chenkal Chenkal
  • Dist. Co-operative Bank, Udiyankulangara Udiyankulangara
  • Ksheera Sahakarana Sangam, Avanakkinvila Avanakkinvila
  • SBT, Dhanuvachapuram Dhanuvachapuram
  • Dhanalekshmi Bank, Udiyankulangara Udiyankulangara
  • Grammen Bank, Udiyankulangara Udiyankulangara
  • Muthoot Fin Corp, Udiyankulangara Udiyankulangara
  • Muthoot Fin Corp- Dhanuvachapuram Dhanuvachapuram
  • KSFE, Udiyankulangara Udiyankulangara
  • Muthoot Mercantile bank, udiyankulangara Udiyankulangara
  • Muthoot Finance Limt, Dhanuvachapuram Dhanuvachapuram
  • Popular Finance, Udiyankulangara Udiyankulangara
  • Service Co-operative Bank, Dhanuvachapuram Dhanuvachapuram

Religious Buildings and Places

  • Mahadeva temple, Parassala
  • Perror Sreekrishnasway temple, Thavalayillakulam, Parassala
  • Nagaramman temple, Neduvanvila Neuvanvila
  • Rajarajeswari temple, Parassala
  • Mavelikannan temple, Neduvanvila Neduvanvila
  • Major Bhagavathi temple, Parasuvaikkal Parasuvaikkal
  • Devi temple, Parasuvaikkal Parasuvaikkal
  • Mosque Kaliyikkavila Kaliyikkavil
  • Mosque, Parassala Parassala
  • Mosque, Idichakkaplamoodu Idichakkaplamoodu
  • RC Church, Parassala Parassala
  • RC Church, Idichakkaplamoodu Idichakkaplamoodu
  • Arayoor Nagaraja temple Arayoor
  • Arayoor, Mahadeva temple Arayoor
  • Plamoottukada Kochubhagavathi temple Plamoottukada
  • Neerakathala Bhagavathi temple, Amaravila
  • RC Church, Anakunnu Anakunnu
  • CSI Church Amaravila Amaravila
  • Mahadeva temple, Ayinkamam Ayinkamam
  • Sreedharmasastha temple, Nediyamcode Nediyamcode
  • Sreekrishna temple, Ambadi, Ayinkamam Ayinkamam
  • Karumanoor Choondi Sreedharmasastha Temple Karumanoor
  • Ilankam Temple Parassala
  • Sree Bhadreswari Devasthanam Trust, Thettiyode Thettiyode
  • Munivarthottam Sastha Temple Parassala
  • Sree Krishna Swamy Temple,Pavathiyanvila Pavathiyanvila
  • Thekkumkara Sree Mahavishnu Temple Parassala
  • Kurunthiyoor Sree Ardha Nareeswari Temple Kurunthiyoor
  • Kottamam Sree Dharma Sastha Temple Kottamam
  • Mekkolla Sree Bhagawathy Temple Kollayil
  • Ayyankuzhy Sree Dharma Sastha Temple Amaravila
  • Kurumkutty Sree Dharmasastha Temple kurumkutty
  • Chandika Devi Temple,Ilankam,Kurumkutty Kurumkutty
  • Naduthottam Devi Temple,Inchivila Inchivila
  • Karali Kudissikhavilakam Sastha Temple Karali
  • Kunchuveettil Devi Temple,Ayyappanagar Parassala
  • Azhakikonam Sree bhadrakali Temple,Udiyankulangara Udiyankulangara
  • Amaravila Amman Koil Amaravila
  • Thrikkannapuram Mahadevar Temple Chenkal
  • Chenkal Siva Sakhthy Temple Chenkal
  • Sree Pulinkode Kandan Sastha Temple Nochiyoor Nochiyoor
  • Pullorkulanagara Bhagawathy Temple Pulloorkulangara
  • Chenkal Kuttamathu Bhagawathy Temple Chenkal
  • Kariyode Bhadrakali Temple Kariyode
  • Alatharackal Mahadeva Temple Alatharakkal
  • Alatharackal Sastha Temple Alatharakkal
  • Yogeeswarapuram Temple, Thrikkannapuram Thrikannapuram
  • Kanjirakkadu Nagaraja Temple, Mariyapuram Mariyapuram
  • Arayoor Mahadevar Temple Arayoor
  • Vlathankara Sree Krishna Temple Vlathankara
  • Plamoottukada Kochu Bhagawathy Temple Plamoottukada
  • Porannoor Sreekrishna swamy Temple Porannoor
  • Rajarajeswari Temple,Keezhammakam Keezhammakam
  • Edanattukonam Sastha Temple, Melekkonam Melekonam
  • Udiyankulanagara Sivasakthy Temple Udiyankulangara
  • Palavakulanagara Sree Mahadevar Temple Palavakulangara
  • Pdarikulagara Sree Dharma Sastha Temple,Dhanuvachapuram Dhanuvachapuram
  • Deveswaram Sree Mahadevar Temple Parassala
  • Swargaropith church Vlathankara
  • St. Joseph Church Kuzhichani
  • RC Church Kunnanvila
  • CSI Church Kurumpal
  • CSI Church Kudumpottukonam
  • LMS Church Amaravila
  • CSI Church Kodankara
  • RC church Mariyapuram
  • Marthoma Church Abhananthpuram
  • CSI Church Thottinkara
  • Rc Church Karumanoor
  • RC Church Ponvila
  • CSI Church Vaniyankala
  • Lutheran Mission Church Ponvila
  • RC Church Amaravila
  • CSI Church Dhanuvachapuram
  • CSI Church Paruthivila
  • RC Church Manivila
  • Malankara Church Nediyamcode
  • CSI Church Maipuram
  • CSI Church Peruvila
  • Malankara Church Parasuvaikkal
  • RC Church Kumpanvila
  • RC Church Idichakkaplamoodu
  • St Joseph Church Malankara
  • RC Church Parassala
  • Trinity RC Church Neduvanvila
  • CSI Church Karumanoor
  • CSI Church Palukal
  • CSI LMS church Cheruvarakonam
  • Malankara Church Vanniyacode
  • Assemblies of God Cheruvarakonam
  • RC Church Nedumcode
  • Mosque at Parassala
  • Mosque at Idichakkaplamoodu
  • Mosque at Amaravila

Sree Mahadeva Temple, Parassala

Sree Mahadeva Temple, Parassala

Parassala Sree Mahadeva temple is one of the foremost centres of worship in south Kerala and the temple is situated at the tiny village of Parassala adjoining the Kerala - Tamil Nadu boundary. Here the deity, Lord Siva is facing the west, which is considered as a rare phenomenon, and devotees even from far off places attend the worship. It was built by Mallen Chembakaraman Delava of Venad royal family. The temple is centuries old and the structure is rare stone architecture and Parvathy devi and Vighneswara are the upadevathas.

Abbs Memorial Church, Cheruvarakonam

Abbs Memorial Church, Cheruvarakonam

There is the famous Christian Church in Parassala, Cheruvarakonam, Abbs Memorial Church, built between in the 1850s by the English missionary Rev. John Abbs.

Transportation-Main Roads

  • National Highway- (Nagercoil-Thiruvananthapuram)
  • Parassala-Vellarada By-road
  • Kaliyikkavila-Cheruvarakonam-Kovalam Byepass
  • Dhanuvachapuram-Neyyattinkara By-road

Rivers and Main Cultivation

Neyyar is the major river, flows through the Parassala Police Station limit. Main cultivations are Rubber, Paddy, Coconut, Plantain and Tapioca

Traditionally Important Places

Traditionally important place is Kaliyikkavila where the Navarathry procession is received by the Travancore Devaswam Board Authorities during the month of October. It is a place at Kerala-Tamilnadu border

The name of Parassala became more popular after the rise of Prof. Parassala B. Ponnammal, an elderly woman who was the first female singer in the famous Navarathri Mandapam of Thiruvananthapuram during 2006

Tourism Importance

Local tourist’s visiting places such as Athmanilayam Flower Nursery, Cheruvarakonam.

Foreign tourists visited Kalariyil Dharmikam at Parasuvaikkal for martial arts and for treatment.

Accident Prone Areas

  • Karali Curve,
  • Pavathiyanvila,
  • Idichikkaplamood,
  • Road between Kottamam and Parasuvaikkal,
  • Udiyankulangara Curve,
  • Road at Udiyankulangara Petrol pump

Main Projects through the Police Station

This police station is a Janamythry Police Station.

Student Police Cadet programme is functioning at Government Vocational Higher Secondary School, Parassala.

Clean Campus Safe Campus programme is functioning in all the educational institutions within the limit of Parassala Police Station. School Protection Groups also functioning in the schools.

Women help Desk

Women Help Desk is functioning in the station building.