Palode Police Station

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Palode Police Station was upgraded into a charging Police Station on 03.02.1981 by the Honorable Home Minister Sri. T.K Ramakrishnan as per GO (P) 273/81 dated 30.01.1981. Prior this, it was an outpost of Vithura Police Station under the Circle limit of Nedumangad. This Police Station is housed in a Govt. building situated in an area of 41 cents of land in Survey No.1462 of Palode village Nedumangad Taluk. The present Government building was opened by Sri. E. K. Nayanar, Chief Minister of Kerala on 20.03.1990. The office of Inspector office is also functioning in the same compound.

Jurisdiction Details

The jurisdictional limit of Palode Police Station extends to the areas of revenue villages Peringammala, Thennoor, Palode, Kurupuzha and a portion of Panavoor. The Panchayats are Peringammala and Nanniyodu.

Border Police Stations

The border Police Stations of Palode Police Station are Pangode, Vithura, Kadackal, Kulathupuzha, Ponmudi, Valiyamala, Nedumangad, and Venjaramoodu.

Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

Palode Police station limit comes under Attingal Parliament Constituency and Vamanapuram Legislative Assembly.

Major Establishments and Institutions


  • CHC Palode
  • PHC Peringammala
  • Govt.Ayurveda Hospital , Palode

Government Institutions

  • PWD Rest House, Palode
  • KSRTC Bus station
  • Krishi Bhavan, Nanniyodu
  • Forest Range office, Palode
  • KSEB, Sub Station ,Pandyanpara
  • Post office, Pacha, Peringammala, Kurupuzha, Perayam, Kochuvila, Thennoor, Elanchiyam and ,Elavattam,
  • Animal Husbandry directorate,
  • Oil Palm, Panyanpara
  • District Agriculture and Banana farm, Kochuvila, Peringammala.

Educational Institutions

  • NSS HS, Kollarukonam, Peringammala
  • St. George LPS Kochuvila
  • Njaraneeli Kani UPS
  • DBLPS Pacha
  • Harisree English Medium School, Nanniyodu
  • Panchayath LPS Chellanchi
  • Govt UPS ,Perayam
  • Cresent English Medium HS, Pappanamcode
  • St Joseph U P S Paluvalli
  • Govt L P S ,Palode
  • Govt. L P S , Pacha
  • Govt U P S Paluvally
  • Govt L P S Kurupuzha
  • Q A M UPS Kochukarikkakam
  • Govt LPS Njaraneeli Kani
  • Govt U P S Peringamala
  • Tribal H S Idinjar
  • Javahar LPS Thennoor
  • St. George LPS Palode
  • Govt HS Madatharakani
  • Govt LPS Kollayil
  • Govt HS Javahar Colani
  • TKM LPS Manthuruthi
  • Govt LPS Karimancode
  • Gcvt LPS Pacha South
  • Panchayat LPS Elavattom
  • Jawahar Navodaya school Pottanchira
  • Ambedkar Vidyanikethan CBSC School, Njaraneeli
  • Nalanda Pre Primary TTI, Nanniyodu,
  • SKV School, Nanniyodu,
  • BRMHS, Elavattam.
  • Iqbal College Peringammala

Banks and Financial Institutions

  • South Malabar Gramin bank, Palode
  • KSFE, Palode
  • SBT Palode
  • SBT Madathara
  • Union Bank, Palode
  • Bank Of India Peringammala.

Religious Buildings and Places

  • Arippa Ammayambalam
  • Pacha Sastha Temple
  • Alampara devi temple
  • There are 14 more churches are in different places in Palode PS limit.
  • More than 20 mosques and Thaikavs are situated in different places in Palode PS limit.

Transportation-Main Roads

Thiruvananthapuram – Thenkasi State Highway passes through Palode PS limit. People depended KSRTC for their conveyance.

Rivers and Streams

Vamanapuram River

Vamanapuram River

Vamanapuram River, one of the important rivers of Kerala, pass through this station limit.

Tourism Importance

A large area of land in Palode Police station limit is covered with forest. Brimore Hills , Mankayam , are main attractions .A lot of tourists, local and non local, come here to spend some time with nature and trekking.

Mankayam Waterfalls

Mankayam Waterfalls

Mankayam waterfalls are located near Palode in Thiruvananthapuram district. Mankayam River is a tributary of Chittar River. The Chittar River originates from the Chemunchi hills and flows through the Brymore forest to form this tributary. Mankayam River on its way produces two waterfalls, one at Kaalakkayam and Kurissadi. The area surrounding the Mankayam waterfall up to Kaalakkayam is covered with dense forests. The Mankayam waterfall is recently considered as an ecotourism zone and is managed by the State Forest Department.

Accident Prone Areas

Accident Prone Areas in the station limit are Vanchuvam Curve, Nanniyodu. TBGRI Junction, Near Iron Bridge, Chippanchira.

Main Projects through the Police Station

a. Janamaithri Suraksha Project and Tribal Janamaithri Project

Janamaithri project is successfully implemented in Palode Police station. For the convenience of the project functioning, Station area is divided in to 4 beats and 5 Beats in tribal Colonies Tribal Janamaithri project. Each beat has its beat officer and assistant beat officer. The officers who go in the field keep liaison with people which help to maintain law and order in the jurisdiction.

b. Student Police Cadet Project

From 2014-15 academic years, SPC project is being implemented in Jawahar Navodaya CBSC School , Njaraneeli and BRMS HS Elavattam. The training of 1st batch is going on. SPC indulge in various social activities such as protection of Mother Nature, campaign against alcohol and tobacco.

c. School Protection Group and Clean Campus and Safe Campus

The School Protection Group is being organized in Madathara Kani HS, GHS Ex Colony, SKV HS Nanniyodu, NSS HS Peringammala.

Women Help Desk

Women Help Desk is functioning exclusively for women in the station building.