Pallickkal Police Station

0470 - 2682026

Pallickal Police Station was opened on 18.12.1972 vide order No.GO(P) No.1785/72 Home dtd: 28.11.1972. Later Pallickal Police station out post was upgraded to charging station. The station had been functioning in old building since 1972 and constructed new building 0n 16.10.98.

Pallickal police station comprises of villages viz Pallickal, Madavoor and part of Navaikulam and Kurdavoor village. Thus in total Pallickal police station has an area covering about 39.48 and population about 52,423

The Station building is situated near Pallickal junction. Survey No. 1968 of Madavoor Village, Building No. PP/111/2002 under Chirayinkeezhu Taluk.

Jurisdiction Details

The Jurisdictional area of Pallickal Police Station comprising Villages viz Pallickal, Madavoor and a part of Navaikulam and Kudavoor Villages. Three Panchayats namely Pallickal, Madavoor and Navaikulam are comes under this station limit.

Border Police Station

Kallambalam, Kilimanoor, Chadayamangalam,Paripally and Pooyappally

Jurisdictional Court

Judicial First Class Magistrate Court II, Attingal

Parliamentary Constituency and Legislative Assembly

Pallickal Police Station Jurisdiction comes under Attingal Parliament Constituency and Varkala Legislative Assembly.

Major Establishments and Institutions


  • Name of Hospitals Place
  • PHC Pallickal Pallickal
  • PHC Chalamkonam Chalamkonam
  • Govt Ayurvedic Hospital Thumpodu Thumpodu
  • Govt Ayurvedic Hospital Moothala Moothala
  • Govt Homoeo Hospital Pallickal Pallickal
  • Govt Homoeo Hospital Pakalkuri Pakalkuri

Government Institutions

  • Krishi Bhavan Pallickal Pallickal
  • KSEB Pallickal Pallickal
  • KSEB Madavoor Madavoor
  • Post Office Pallickal, Madavoor, KK Konam, Puliyoorkonam, Marutikunnu, Edamannila and Pakalkuri,

Educational Institutions

  • SKVHS Vettiyara Vettiyara
  • Govt HSS Pakalkuri Pakalkuri
  • NSS H S Madavoor Madavoor
  • Govt HSS Pallickal Pallickal
  • Govt LPS Puliyoorkonam Puliyurkonam
  • CMP LPS & UPS Thumpodu Thumpodu
  • Devi Vilasam LPS Paiveli Paiveli
  • SNV LPS Edaman Nila Edamannila
  • Govt LPS Pakalkuri Pakalkuri
  • Govt LPS Panappamkunnu Panappamkunnu
  • Govt LPS Vettiyara Vettiyara
  • BV UPS Maruthikunnu Maruthikunnu
  • SNV LPS Kattuputhussery Kattuputhuseri
  • Govt LPS Pallickal Pallickal
  • Govt LPS Moothala Moothala
  • Govt LPS Kizhakkanela Kizhakkanela
  • Govt LPS Madavoor Madavoor
  • SV UPS Puliyoorkonam Puliyurkonam
  • Muslim LPS Njarayilkonam Njarayilkonam
  • Central Scool Madavoor Madavoor
  • RM UPS Arayil Arayil

Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Name of Banks and Financial Institutions Place
  • SBT Pallickal Pallickal
  • SBT Madavoor Madavoor
  • DCB Pallickal Pallickal
  • DCB Madavoor Madavoor
  • KSFE Pallickal Pallickal
  • Muthoot Finance Ltd Pallickal Pallickal
  • Farmers Co-Operative Bank Pallickal Pallickal
  • Farmers Co-Operative Bank Pakalkuri Pakalkuri

Religious Buildings and Places

  • Sree Madankavu Mahadeva Temple Kizhakkanela Kizhakkanela
  • Sree Dharmasastha Temple Parayil-Moothala Moothala
  • Sree Bhadra Devi Temple, Moothala Moothala
  • Chavaru Moorthi Temple Elambrakodu Elambrakkodu
  • Mahavishnu Temple Pakalkuri Pakalkuri
  • Elankathil Bhagavathi temple kadampattukonam Kadambattukonam
  • Ayiravally Temple Paiveli Paiveli
  • Ayiravalli Parayil Temple Pakalkuri Pakalkuri
  • Pulimath Bhagavathi Temple Anakunnam Anakunnam
  • Chirstian church-Mullanelloor Mullanelloor
  • Jumamasjid- Pallickal Pallickal
  • Jumamasjid- Madavoor Madavoor
  • Jumamasjid- Vadakkeppally-Pallickal Pallickal
  • Jumamasjid- Maruthikunnu Maruthikunnu

Transportation Main Road

Pallickal- Chadayamangalam, Pallickal-Kilimanoor, Pallickal-Oyoor and Pallickal-Kallambalam.

Rivers and Main Cultivation

Pallickalpuzha a stream pass through Kalladathanni Main cultivations are Rubber, Paddy, Coconut, etc.

Accident Prone Areas

  • Kattuputhussery
  • Mavinmoodu
  • Vemmoodu,
  • Puliyoorkonam
  • Kochalummoodu

Main Projects through the Police Station

School Protection Group , Clean Campus and Safe Campus.

The School Protection Group is being organized in Govt. HSS Pallickal, Govt. HSS Pakalkury with the assistance of PTA and Teachers programs like campus cleaning and orientation class are taking place.

Women help desk and Senior Citizen Help Desk

There is a woman help desk and a Senior Citizen help desk functioning in the Police Station.