Neyyattinkara Police Station

0471 - 2222222

This is one of the oldest police stations of the erstwhile Travancore area and considered this police station is functioning since 1950’s. This is a Thaluk Headquarters Police Station and different duties are being provided regularly.

Jurisdiction Details

Neyyattinkara Police station limit comprises the villages of Neyyattinkara, Perumpazhuthoor, Athiyannur, Kollayil (A portion only). Major Portions of Neyyattinkara Municipality and Athiyannur, Perumpazhuthoor Panchayath are in Neyyattinkara PS Limit.

Border Police Station

The border Police Stations of Neyyattinkara PS are Parassala, Poovar, Kanjiramkulam, Balaramapuram, Marayamuttom and Maranalloor.

Parliament constituency and Legislative Assembly

Neyyattinkara Police Station Jurisdiction belongs to Thiruvananthapuram Parliament Constituency and Neyyattinkara Legislative Assembly.

Court Complex in Neyyattinkara

Neyyattinkara Court Complex situated near Police Station. The jurisdictional court to Neyyattinkara Police Station is Judicial First Class Magistrate Court I, Judicial First Class Magistrate Court II, Judicial First Class Magistrate Court III, 3 Munsiff courts , Additional sessions Court, One Sub Court and MACT Court are functioning the court complex.

Major Establishments and Institutions


  • Government General Hospital, Neyyattinkara
  • Nims Medictity, Pathamkallu
  • Rollands’ Hospital near Pathamkallu
  • Govt. CHC at Venpakal
  • Govt. PHC at Perumpazhuthoor and Olathanni
  • KG Hospital at Avanakuzhi,
  • Mission Hospital at Olathanni
  • Snehadeepam Hospital at Keeliyode
  • Matha Hospital at Neyyattinkara
  • KIDS Care Centre at Neyyattinkara
  • Sastha Kids Hospital at Vlangamuri
  • Taluk Homoeo Hospital at Neyyattinkara
  • Government Ayurvedic Hospital, Neyyattinkara

Government Institutions

  • Taluk Office
  • Survey Office
  • DE Office
  • Legal Metrology Office
  • Survey Office
  • Municipal Office
  • Agriculture Office
  • PWD Office
  • Electricity Section Office
  • PHED Office
  • Excise Range Office
  • Excise Circle Office
  • Deputy Superintendent office
  • Circle Office
  • Sub Treasury
  • District Employment Office
  • RT Office
  • Pension Payment Treasury
  • Sub Registrar Office
  • Telecom centre, BSNL
  • Fire Station
  • Special Sub Jail
  • Athiyannur Block Office
  • Kerala Auto Mobiles
  • Taluk Supply office

Educational Institutions

  • Govt. University Institute of Technology (UIT) Aralumoodu
  • Govt. Polytechnic, Perumpazhuthoor
  • Govt. HSS for Boys, Neyyattinkara
  • Govt.HSS for Girls, Neyyattinakara
  • Govt. HS, Perumpahzuthoor
  • Govt. MTHS, Ooruttukala
  • Viswabharathi Public School, Neyyattinkara
  • Sree Vidhyadhiraja Vidyanilayam HSS, NTA
  • St. Therese's Convent HSS, Neyyattinkara
  • Victory VHSS, Olathanni
  • New HSS and B.Ed college, Nellimoodu
  • St. Chrisostom's HS, Nellimoodu
  • Dr. G.R. Public School HSS , Ooruttukala
  • St. Mary's HS Kamukinkode
  • Sree Vivekananda Public School HSS, Aralumoodu
  • St. Philip HSS, TB Junction, Neyyattinakra
  • CSI ITI, Kodiyannurkonam, Avanakuzhi.

Banks and Financial Institutions

  • State Bank of Travancore, Neyyattinkara,
  • State Bank of Travancore. Moonnukallinmoodu,
  • State Bank of Travancore. Nellimoodu,
  • State Bank of Travancore. Avanakuzhi,
  • State Bank of India, Neyyattinkara,
  • Indian Bank, Perumpazhuthoor,
  • Indian Overseas Bank, Neyyattinkara,
  • Canara Bank, Neyyattinkara,
  • Canara Bank, Kamukincode,
  • Cathelic Syrian Bank, Neyyattinkara,
  • ICICI Bank, Alummoodu, Neyyattinkara,
  • Federal Bank, Neyyattinkara,
  • District Co-operative Bank, Neyyattinkara,
  • District Co-operative Bank, Morning and Evening Branch, Neyyattinkara
  • Agriculture Bank, Neyyattinkara
  • Urbanand Rural Development Bank, Neyyattinkara
  • Govt. Servants Co.operative Society, Neyyattinkara
  • Govt. Teachers Co-operative Society
  • Avanakuzhi Service Co-operative Bank
  • KSFE I Neyyattinkara
  • KSFE II Neyyattinkara
  • KSFE Morning and Evening Branch Neyyattinkara
  • Gokulam Chitty Fund, Neyyattinkara
  • Perumpazhuthoor Serivice Co-operative Bank
  • Muthoot Bank.

Religious Buildings and Places

  • Sree Krishna Swami temple Neyyattinkara
  • Meletheruvu Mutharamman Covil
  • Ammancovil, Neyyattinkara
  • Ramapuram Temple
  • Ooruttukala Badrakali Temple
  • Sree Mulayanthanni Bhagavathi Temple Nellimoodu
  • Siva temple at Rameswaram
  • Sree Arangil Devi Temple
  • Irumpil Sree Bhadrakali Temple
  • Thozhukkal Sree Bhadrakali Temple
  • Latin Catholic Diocese of Neyyattinkara
  • St. Mary's Church (Valiyapalli) Kamukincode
  • St. Antony’s Church, Kamukincode
  • Amalotbhava Cathedral Church, Neyyattinkara ( Pilgrimagi)
  • St. Joseph Church, Thozhukkal
  • CS I Church, Thozhukkal
  • Marthoma Church,Vazhuthoor
  • Marymatha Church Vazhuthoor
  • C S I , Church Vlangamuri
  • Central Jama Ath Juma Masjid in Neyyattinkara
  • Muslim Jama Athe, T B Junction, Neyyattinkara
  • Muslim Jama Athe, Pachikode, Vazhimukku
  • Muslim Jama Athe, Arlaummoodu

Sree Krishna Swami temple Neyyattinkara

Sree Krishna Swami temple Neyyattinkara

The Sree Krishna Swami temple, founded by King Marthanda Varma (1729-1758), is of historical importance. Within the premises of the temple, there is a historic jack tree, known as Ammachi Plavu, in the hollow of which Marthanda Varma is believed to have hid himself and escaped death at the hands of his enemies. The temple enshrines Unnikannan (baby Krishna) as the presiding deity. The temple is built in traditional Kerala architecture and is decorated with beautiful artistic sculptures.

Transportation-Main Roads

  • N H Road - Amaravila Vazhimukku
  • Olathanni - Keeliyode
  • Neyyattinkara - Nellimoodu
  • Perumpazhuthoor - Aruvipuram
  • Keeliyode - Mampazhakara

Rivers and Main Cultivation

River – Neyyar River

Main Cultivations are Vegetables, Paddy, Plantain Coconut.

St. Mary's Church (Valiyapalli) Kamukincode

Historical Importance

Neyyattinkara town is a Municipal area and it is the major town on the banks of Neyyar River. ‘Neyyattinkara’ in Malayalam literally means the shore of Neyyar River. The river flows on the south-western parts of the town. The town is mostly residential, with lots of service sector establishments.

There is the "Ammachiplavu " is standing within the compound of Sreekrishna Swamy Temple at Neyyattinkara beside the bank of the river Neyyar. It is known that , the former ruler Marthanda varma was hide inside the cavity the jack fruit tree to save his life from the Ettuveettil Pillas who are followed to kill him and since then the tree is known as " Ammachiplavu". The temple authority keeping the tree as historical importance

Neyyattinkara is the birthplace of renowned revolutionaries like Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai, the legendary journalist of all times and Athazhamangalam Veera Raghavan who fought for Indian independence and against the dictatorial rule of Travancore Diwans. Neyyattinkara is the land of many uprisings against British rule in India. The brutal crackdown by British military resulted in death of many freedom fighters including Veeraraghavan. A monument reminding the new generations of these struggles could be seen in the heart of the town, near the Police Station. Gandhian and social reformer Dr. G. Ramachandran was also born in Neyyattinkara. Two eminent and famous Karnatic musicians, Neyyattinkara M.K.Mohanachandran and Neyyattinkara Vasudevan were born in this historic town. First Women’s Prison was established at Neyyattinkara in the year 1990.

Accident Prone Areas

  • Gramam Junction to Neyyattinkara Junction
  • Krishnan Covil Junction
  • Moonnukallinmoodu to Aralummoodu
  • Olathanni Junction to Pirayimmoodu Junction.

Main Projects through the Police Station

(1) Neyyattinkara Police station is a Janamythri police Station and implementing Janamythri Suraksha projects.

(2) Students Police Cadet Project is implementing in two schools within Neyyattinkara police station limit, ie Govt. BHSS Neyyattinkara and Dr. G R Public School, HSS, Ooruttukala

(3) Clean Campus and safe Campus project is implementing various schools in station limit.

Women help desk

Women help Desk is functioning in the police Station