Kanjiramkulam Police Station

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Kanjiramkulam Police station was opened on 07.12.1960 vide G.O. (Rt) No.1566/home/ D-dated 01.12.1960. The opening function was conducted by Sri. Padnabha Ayyar, District Collector, Thiruvananthapuram. It was opened in the building No 263 Ward II of Kanjiramkulam Panchayath with in the Panchayath office compound , Kanjiramkulam. One acre and 50 cents of land in Survey No. 84/4 of Karumkulam village acquired for the construction of Police station has been handed over to the police department on 23.10.1967. On 01.04.1969 the station was shifted to the new Police station building vide G.O Rt. 554/69/Home Trivandrum dated 28.03.1969. Kanjiramkulam village, Karumkulam village and some portions of Kottukal villages are come under the jurisdiction of Kanjiramkulam Police station. The whole jurisdiction of this station is within Neyyattinkara Taluk.

Jurisdiction Details

The panchayaths in this station limit are Kanjiramkulam, Karumkulam and Kottukal. The revenue villages are Kanjiramkulam, Karumkulam and some portions Kottukal village.

Border Police Station

Vizhinjam, Balaramapuram, Neyyattinkara, and Poovar

Jurisdictional Courts

Judicial First Class Magistrate Court – III, Neyyattinkara and Sub Divisional Magistrate Court, Thiruvananthapuram.

Parliament constituency and Legislative Assembly

This station limits falls under Thiruvananthapuram Parliamentary constituency and in Kovalam Legislative assembly.

Major Establishments and Institutions


  • Community Health center Pulluvila
  • Primary Health center Kanjiramkulam
  • Anupama Pvt. Hospital Kanjiramkulam
  • Jaya Pvt. Hospital Kanjiramkulam
  • K.C Pvt Hospital Chani
  • KNM Govt. Ayurveda Marmmasupathri Chavadi
  • Kazhivoor Ayurveda Pvt Hospital Kazhivoor
  • Metro Hospital- PVT kanjiramkulam
  • kanjiramkulam Govt. Homeo Hospital Kanjiramkulam

Government Institutions

  • BSNL kanjiramkulam
  • KSEB Kanjiramkulam
  • Water Authority Office Kanjiramkulam
  • PWD office Kanjiramkulam
  • Sub Registrar office Kanjiramkulam
  • Kanjiramkulam village office Chavadi
  • Karimkulam village office Puthiyathura
  • Mathsya fed office Pallam-Pulluvila
  • Kanjiramkulam Panchayath office Kanjiramkulam
  • Karimkulam Panchayath office karimkulam
  • Post Office - Pulluvila Pulluvila
  • Post Office- Kanjiramkulam Kanjiramkulam
  • Post Office- Puthiyathura Puthiyathura
  • Post Office- Kazhivoor Kazhivoor
  • Post Office- Kazhivoor Kazhivoor
  • Krishi Bhavan- Chani Chani

Educational Institutions

  • Govt. GHS Kanjiramkulam
  • PKS HSS Kanjiramkulam
  • Panchayath HS Kanjiramkulam
  • Mount Carmal School Kanjiramkulam
  • Jawahar Central School Kanjiramkulam
  • St. Helans H.S Loordupuram Loordupuram
  • Leo XIII Pulluvila Pulluvila
  • Govt. Muhammadiyan LPS Pulluvila Pulluvila
  • LMS LPS Karichal Karichal
  • LMS LPS Chani Chani
  • Govt. UPS Nellikkakkuzhi Nellikkakkuzhi
  • LPS Moolakkonam Moolakkonam
  • BFM LPS Avanakuzhi Avanakuzhi
  • Govt LPS Puthalam Puthalam
  • MSC LPS Pampukala Pampukala
  • St. Nicholas LPS Karumkulam Karumkulam
  • St. Antonys LPS Karumkulam Karumkulam
  • St. Nicholas LPS Puthiyathura Puthiyathura
  • SNDP UPS Karumkulam Karumkulam
  • Govt. KNM Arts and Science College -Kanjiramkulam Near Pananinna
  • KNM Arts and Science College (Pvt) -Kanjiramkulam Near Pananinna
  • Govt. ITI Ravinagar Colony- Chavadi Chavadi
  • Mahatma Gandhi ITC Sreepuram (PVT) Nellimoodu
  • Nellikkakkuzhi ITC (Pvt) Nellikkakkuzhi

Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Federal Bank Kanjiramkulam Kanjiramkulam
  • SBI Kanjiramkulam Kanjiramkulam
  • Trivandrum District Co-Operative Bank Kanjiramkulam
  • Kanjiramkulam Co-Operative Bank Kanjiramkulam
  • Trivandrum District Co-Operative Bank -Vazhimukku Branch Kanjiramkulam
  • Karimkulam Service Co-operative Bank- Puthiyathura Kanjiramkulam
  • Muthoot Kanjiramkulam
  • Mini-Muthoot Kanjiramkulam
  • Muthoot- Puthiathura Kanjiramkulam
  • Muthoot- Kochupalli Kanjiramkulam
  • KSFE-Kanjiramkulam Kanjiramkulam

Religious Buildings and Places

  • St. Jacob Ferona Church-Pulluvila Pulluvila
  • CSI Church- Nagapuram Nagapuram
  • St. Andrews Church-Karimkulam (Kannadippalli) karimkulam
  • St. Francis Assisi Church- Kanjiramkulam Kanjiramkulam
  • Malankara Cathelic Church-Kanjiramkulam Kanjiramkulam
  • St. Nicholas Church -Pulluvila -kochedathua kochedathua
  • St. Pauls Church- Karichal Karichal
  • St. Peters Church- Kochupalli Kochupalli
  • CSI Church- Vengapotta Vengapotta
  • St. Antenys Church- Kochuthura Kochuthura
  • Rafa Church- Chani Chani
  • CSI Church- Venkulam Venkulam
  • Karuna Prayer Hall- Pananinna Pananinna
  • Salvation Army Church- Moolakkara Moolakkara
  • Cinai Lootharan Church- Kuzhivilakkonam Kuzhivilakkonam
  • Pampukala St. Joseph Catholikka Thirumukhapuram Church Pampukala
  • Nambyathi Church Nambyathi
  • CSI Church- Nediyakala Nediyakala
  • Loordupuram Loord Matha Church Loordupuram
  • Blessed Sacramend Church- Venkulam RC Church Venkulam
  • Vellelumbu Church Vellelumbu
  • Mar-Apprem Nagar Church Kanjiramkulam
  • CSI Church- Nellikkakkuzhi Nellikkakkuzhi
  • Chani Church Chani
  • kallumukku Karimkali Devi Temple Kallumukku
  • Keezhathil Devi Temple Keezhathil
  • Karumkulam Sri Bhadrakali Temple Karumkulam
  • Oottara Chidambaranatha Temple Kazhivoor
  • Kazhivoor Devi Temple Kazhivoor
  • Karichal Devi Temple Karichal
  • Thenkavila Devi Temple Thenkavila
  • Sri Mathrudevi Temple - Valiyavila- Pulluvila Pulluvila
  • Thanponnankala Siva Temle Thanponkala
  • Sachidananda Temple - Kanjiramkulam Kanjiramkulam
  • Durgadevi Temple- Chavadi Chavadi
  • Chamundeswari Devi Temple - Kazhivoor Kazhivoor
  • Chamundesswari Amma Temple- Kallumala Kallumala
  • Subrahmanya Swami Temple- Avanakuzhi
  • Pulluvila Juma Masjid

Transportation-Main Roads

Trivandrum- Poovar Road , Poovar- Vizhinjam- Kazhakkoottam ( Bi pass), Pulluvila- Kanjiramkulam- Neyyattinkara

Rivers and Main cultivation

Cultivation- Coconut tree and Tapioca

Accident Prone Areas

  • Kallumukku -dangerous Curve (Poovar- Vizhinjam Road ) Kallumukku
  • Oottara -Curve (Poovar- Vizhinjam Road ) Oottara
  • Puthiyathura (Poovar- Vizhinjam Road ) Puthiyathura
  • Kochupalli (Poovar- Vizhinjam Road ) Kochupalli
  • Moolakkara (Poovar- Vizhinjam Road ) Moolakkara
  • Thadathikkulam ( BLPM Vazhimukku-Poovar Road ) Thadathikkulam

Main Projects through the PS

Students Police cadet Project is present in St. Helen’s GHS, Lourdupuram. 44 girls are the members in this project. It is the first batch in this school.

Clean campus Safe campus project committee is formed at PKSHS School, Kanjiramkulam, St. Helens GHS, Lourdupuram, Govt. HS, Kanjiramkulam, Jawahar Centra School, Kanjiramkulam, Mount Carmel Residential School, Kanjiramkulam, Leo XIII th HSS, Pulluvila, Govt. KNM Arts and Science college, Kanjiramkulam, Govt. Panchayath HS, Kanjiramkulam