Kadakkavoor Police Station

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As per the notification G.O.(Rt) No. 1003/78 Home dated 19.05.1978 the Government of Kerala declare the building no. KP /IV/238 in Survey Number 1578 & 1579 of Kadakkavoor village in Chirayinkeezhu Thaluks shall be a Police Station, known as Kadakkavoor Police Station with the jurisdiction of Vakkom , Kadakkavoor , Keezhattingal, Manamboor, and Sarkara/ Chirayinkeezhu Village. The foundation stone of Kadakkavoor Police Station was laid by Hon. Home Minister of Kerala, Sri. K. Karunakaran on 23 February 1976 and the Station building was Inaugurated by Sri. P.J. Joseph, Hon. Minister of Home on 14 February 1978.

Jurisdiction details

Kadakkavoor Police Jurisdiction included in 3 Panchayaths Kadakkavoor, Vakkom and Manamboor. The Villages in this station jurisdiction are Manamboor, Keezhattingal, Kadakkavoor, Vakkom and Chirayinkeezhu.

Border Police station

The border Police Stations of Kadakkavoor Police Stations are Chirayinkeezhu, Anchuthengu, Varkala, Attingal and Kallambalam.

Jurisdictional Courts

Judicial First Class Magistrate Court- I, Varkala

Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

The station jurisdiction comes under Attingal Parliament Constituency and in Attingal and Chirayinkeezhu Legislative Assemblies.

Major Establishments and Institutions


  • PHC Vakkom
  • PHC Keezhattingal
  • Janaki Hospital Chekkalavilakom
  • Veterinary Hospital Mannathimoola
  • Veterinary Hospital Vakkom
  • Veterinary Hospital Keezhattingal
  • Ayurveda Hospital Vakkom
  • Ayurveda Hospital Kadakkavoor
  • Ayurveda Hospital Kulamuttom
  • Homoeo Hospital Chekkalavilakom

Government Institutions

  • Sub Registrar Office Kadakkavoor
  • Sub Treasury Kadakkavoor
  • KSEB Office Chekkalavilakom
  • BSNL Office Kadakkavoor
  • Post Office Kadakkavoor
  • Post Office Vakkom
  • KSEB Sub Station Melkadakkavoor
  • Village Office Vakkom
  • Village Office Kadakkavoor
  • Village Office Keezhattingal
  • Village Office Manampoor
  • BSNL Office Kavalayoor
  • Sub Registrar Office Kavalayoor
  • Panchayath Office Kadakkavoor
  • Panchayath Office Vakkom
  • Panchayath Office Manampoor
  • Agriculture Office Kadakkavoor
  • Agriculture Office Vakkom
  • Railway Station Kadakkavoor

Educational Institutions

  • SNV HS Kadakkavoor Chekkalavilakom
  • Govt HSS Vakkom Vakkom
  • Govt HS Kudavoorkonam Kudavoorkonam
  • Govt HSS Kavalayoor Kavalayoor
  • Govt UPS Kulamuttom
  • UPS Nilakkamukku Nilakkamukku
  • UIT Vakkom Gandhimukku

Banks and Financial Institutions

  • SBT Kadakkavoor Chekkalavilakom
  • SIB Kadakkavoor Chekkalavilakom
  • Kerala Grameen Bank Chekkalavilakom
  • KSFE Kadakkavoor Chekkalavilakom
  • Kosamattom Bank Chekkalavilakom
  • Sindicate Bank Kadakkavoor
  • Federal Bank Vakkom
  • SBT Vakkom Vakkom
  • Farmer's Bank Vakkom
  • IOB Mananakku Mananakku
  • IOB Keezhattingal Keezhattingal
  • Federal Bank Kavalayoor
  • DCB Kadakkavoor
  • DCB Kavalayoor
  • Muthoot Finance Chekkalavilakom
  • Muthoot Finance Vakkom
  • Muthoot Mini Finance Mananakku
  • Muthoot Fincorp Kadakkavoor
  • Muthoot Fincorp Kavalayoor
  • Muthoot Fincorp Mananakku
  • Service Co Operative Bank Melkadakkavoor
  • Kadakkavoor Service Co Operative Bank Kadakkavoor
  • Manampoor Service Co-Operative Bank Thoppichantha

Religious Buildings and Places

  • Ayantavila Temple Thekkumbhagom
  • Devarunada Chekkalavilakom
  • Oottuparampu Chekkalavilakom
  • Velivilakom Temple Vakkom
  • Mukkaluvattom Temple Vakkom
  • Puthan Nada Vakkom
  • Daivappura Temple Vakkom
  • Valiyapalli Vakkom
  • Kannamangalam Temple Vakkom
  • Mosque Nilakkamukku
  • Mosque Mananakku
  • Subramanyan Koil Keezhattingal
  • Mulliyankavu Keezhattingal
  • Ramaracham Vila Temple Thinavila
  • Appooppan Nada Thinavila
  • Peranam Tyemple Peranam
  • Kiduthattu Temple Peranam
  • Koikkal Temple Ampalathum Pana
  • Parthukonam Temple Parthukonam
  • Kavalayoor Temple Kavalayoor
  • Thiruvavarakunnu Temple Kulamuttom

Transportation-Main Roads

Kadakkavoor- Alamcode Road, Vakkom- Nilakkamukku Road, Mananakku- Attingal Road, Mananakku- Varkala Road, Kavalayoor- Mananakku Road, Manamboor- Thottikkallu Road, Kadakkavoor- Chirayinkeezhu Road.

Kadakkavoor Railway Station is an important station between Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam.

Rivers and Main Cultivation

Vamanapuram River, Vakkom- Kayal, Thottakkadu- Kavalayoor River. Paddy, Rubber, Coconut Tree, Tappoikka etc.

Historical Importance


Vakkom Abdul Khader Moulavi

The birth place of the freedom fighter Vakkom Abdul Khader Moulavi is in this police station limit. Moulavi was born in 1873 in Vakkom, Chirayinkil Taluk, Thiruvanthapuram. He was born into a prominent Muslim family Poonthran which had ancestral roots to Madurai and Hyderabad. Maulavi started the Swadeshabhimani newspaper on 19 January 1905, declaring that the paper will not hesitate to expose injustices to the people in any form, but on 26 September 1910, the newspaper and press were sealed and confiscated by the British Police, and the editor Ramakrishna Pillai was arrested and banished from Travancore to Thirunelveli. After the confiscation of the press, Moulavi concentrated more on social and cultural activities, becoming a social leader, also writing several books.

Accident Prone Areas

  • Kadakkavoor Over Bridge Kadakkavoor
  • Mananakku -Perumkulam curve
  • Madankavu
  • Thoppichanda
  • Mulliyankavu
  • Thinavila

Main Projects through the PS

SPC Project in SSPBHSS, Kadakkavoor. Clean Campus Safe Campus project formed in all schools in the station limit .