Good Works Done 2014

Attingal Police Station - Death of Smt. Omana and her grand daughter Swasthika

Brief of the case as per FIR is that the accused trespassed into the house of Lijeesh (the complainant) with intention to kill the complainant, his mother and complainant's daughter due to enmity for admonishing him for sending messages to complainant's wife and murdered complainant's mother and three years old daughter and seriously injured the complainant with a chopper on 16.04.2014 at 13.00 hrs.

The complainant was critically injured behind his neck. He was living with his wife Anusanthi, daughter Sawsthika and mother Omana. Anusanthi was working at Techno Park. The complainant was called by his mother around 11 am over phone and informed him that one of his friends was waiting for him at his house. When he came to his house, he saw the front door closed and there was no response to his calls. The back door was also found closed. When he entered the house by pushing the front door, the accused Nino Mathew hacked him behind with a chopper inflicted injury on back of his head. The complainant ran out with a loud cry for saving his life. The accused escaped through the back door. The neighbors gathered around hearing his screaming. On his search with neighbors inside the house he saw his mother and daughter were lying in pool of blood. All of them were taken to the hospital. The mother and daughter of the complainant were declared dead. He was admitted in the MCH.

The investigation was taken up by Sri. M. Anil Kumar, CI Attingal and his team Sri Dherajuddin GSI Attingal, CPO Sri. Jyothish Kumar V V. He secured the service of Scientific Assistant and FP Expert at the time of preparing scene mahazar. Chili powder was seen sprinkled at the scene. A plastic cover and a pair of sandal were recovered from the scene. The accused was found near his residence and was brought to the station. On interrogation he admitted the crime. It was disclosed during the investigation that wife of the complainant was also a party to the conspiracy in the cold blooded murder. Anusanthi conspired with Nino Mathew to eliminate her husband and daughter to facilitate living with Nino Mathew. She not only abetted the first accused but aided him by sending picture message of the sketch and ingress and egress to the occurrence house. The first accused committed theft of gold ornaments from the victims to mislead the investigation.

Varkala Police Station - Death of Suresh Babu

Brief of the case as per the FIR is that the accused due to previous enmity and with intention to kill the deceased, trespassed into his house on 15-05-2014 at some point of time before 9 AM and hit the deceased on his head with wooden stick caused serious injuries that sufficient to cause his death.

The deceased was uncle of the complainant. He suspected one Sivan, a close aid of the deceased. The body was found supine on the bed. A log piece and a knife were found on the table. SI, J.S Praveen registered the FIR and he took Sivan into custody from near the place of occurrence for interrogation. R. Vinodh Kumar, CI of Police, Varkala took over the investigation on 17-05-2014. He prepared the scene mahazar and inquest in the presence of Scientific Assistant and FP Expert. On interrogation Sivan @ Parameswaran admitted the crime. The I.O arrested Sivan at 17-05 hrs on 17-5-2014. While, holding the inquest, the I.O noticed blood stains on the dress of Sathi, the wife of the deceased. She was brought to the office of the I.O and on questioning she admitted her involvement in the crime and her arrest was recorded at 17.15 on the same day. It was revealed that the accused murdered Suresh Babu to conceal their illegal relationship as the deceased had witnessed them in compromising position.

Nedumangad Police Station - Murder Case

Brief of the case is that on 13-04-14 night, the deceased had gone to Nedumangad town with his friends in an Autoriksha for watching cinema in a theatre and when reached at town, he had gone to a Bar for taking drink and his friends entered the cinema theatre. The accused person, a guy was watching all the events standing in front of the Bar, approached and lured him for homosexual act and led to an isolated place near Kallampara public cremation ground. Thereafter the accused killed him by hitting with a heavy stone on the face of the deceased and robbed Rs.1000 and a mobile phone from the deceased.

There were no witnesses or circumstantial evidences left by the accused after the murder. Initially there is no clue about the accused, after observing the scientific methods by analyzing CDR, the investigating officer could nab the accused in a short span of time. The accused was arrested on 09-05-2014. The investigating officers Sri. Y R Restum (DySP, Nedumangad), Sri. R Vijayan (Inspector of Police, Nedumangad) , Sri. G Sunil (SI of Police, Nedumangad), who brought out the monstrous crime.

Pozhiyoor Police Station - Death of Kannan

Brief of the case as per FIR is that complainant's son Kannan was found unconscious state in the rented house on 02.05.2014 at 22.10hrs and when he was taken to the hospital for treatment, the doctor declared him dead.

Sri. Valsalan, SI of Police, Parassala noticed blue coloration mark around, the neck of the dead body during the inquest. When he clarified the nature of the mark with the Forensic Surgeon, he confirmed that it was caused by a ligature and it was indication of hanging. Following the information he preserved the scene of crime. Finger impression has been taken using cellophane tape.

Version of Indira was that the complainant's husband was living with his daughters in Tamil Nadu and the complainant went there on 25.04.2014 since her husband fell ill. On 25.05.2014 Indira went to the occurrence house to enquire about the illness of deceased's father. The front door was seen closed. There was no response when she knocked on the door. She entered the house through the kitchen door which was found open. She found Kannan lying on the floor in dim red light. He did not respond to her calls. She took him to the corridor holding him to her chest and sought help of one young man to take Kannan to the hospital. He hired a car and Kannan was taken to the hospital with the help of another young man and the car driver. The young men were strangers. She did not seek the help of the neighbors rather seeking help of the passers by that raised suspicion in the mind of the investigating officer SI. On questioning Satheesh who was one among the persons who helped Indira to take Kannan to the hospital has stated that he has two mini buses and one of the buses was driven by Unni. On 02.05.2014 at about 9.30 pm while he was talking to his friend standing in front of his house, Praveen was found going to the other side. After 5 minutes he hastily returned and said Kannan was lying inebriated state and unconscious and he had to be taken to the hospital. One Arun told SI that Kannan and Indira were maintaining illegal relatlonship. He went Kannan's house on 2.05.2014 at 6.30 pm with a request to drop him to the railway station. Indira sent him back saying that Kannan was sleeping and could not awake him. He also told SI that when Kannan was in gulf Indira had nourished relationship with Praveen.

CDRs of Indira, Kannan and Praveen were collected. The PM examination confirmed the death was due to constriction of force around the neck that may be due to strangulation or hanging. The CDRs of Indira showed that she called Praveen in the incident day at 4.11 pm and 09.40 pm and twice in the early morning next day. She also called Kannan in the incident day at 2.03 pm and 2.19 pm. The CDRs revealed her close relationship with Praveen. But she had said earlier while questioning that she did not know the young men who helped her to take Kannan to the hospital. On questioning Praveen said body of Kannan was lying in the house of Indira not in Kannan's house when he saw. Sri. S. Chandrakumar, CI Parassala took over the investigation on the case on 04.11.2014. The I.O questioned Indira and Praveen. They confessed that they were in illegal relationship and on the incident day, Praveen arrived at Indira's house and they had sex. Kannan arrived there before Praveen was leaving. Kannan and Praveen engaged in fighting and during their fight Indira gave her shawl to Praveen. Using the shawl Praveen strangulated Kannan. Indira held him tightly. They murdered Kannan to hide their illegal relationship from made public. Kannan had threatened them that he would make their relation public.