Women desks in Police Stations

Women Desks have been set up in most of the Police Stations of the State, since February 2006, under the charge of Women Police personnel, with an aim to help Women and Children seek Police assistance, without any fear or inhibition. Cases of atrocities against Women and Children, harassment of women at home, work places or in public places, come under the purview of the Women Desks. These have proved to be extremely successful.

The Womens Desk in a Police Station is under the control of a WSCPO/WCPO who listens to the complaints patiently with compassion and take the matter to higher authorities wherever necessary. The Women Desk also provides adequate and proper information to the Women and Children approaching them on various issues relating to the Police work. The Women Desk functions during daytime ie. from 8 AM to 6 PM on all days. This system has been found to be a resounding success in redressing the grievances of the needy Women and Children.

Senior Citizen Help Desk

Senior Citizen Help Desk is implemented in Thiruvananthapuram Rural Police Unit.