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The Police station was opened on 07/08/2005 as per GO(Rt) No. 1980/2005/Home dtd: 06/08/2005 and started functioning in a rented building in Aryancode Panchayath having No. V1/244 in Keezharoor Village and shifted to the present government building on 15/11/2006. The jurisdiction of Aryancode Police station extends in Aryncode and Ottasekharamangalam panchayath . That is in Keezaroor village Kuttiyanikakdu, Chemboor, Manchamcode, Mylachal, Keezharoor, Chilambara, and Kavalloor wards and in Ottasekharamangalam village Vazhichal, Manakkala, Valicode, Plampazhinji, Poozhanadu, Kunnanadu and Ottasekharamangalam wards.

The border police stations of Aryancode station are Marayamuttam, Neyyardam, Kattakada, Maranalloor and Vellarada.The jurisdiction of Aryancode Police station is in Thiruvananthapuram Parliament constituency and in Parassala Legislative Assembly.


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