Ayiroor Police Station

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Ayiroor Police station started on 20/06/14 as per the order No A1/24323 /2012 T dtd 02/07/13. The jurisdiction of Varkala Police Station has about 74 Sqr: Km and having 20 Colonies , 1 Muncipality, and 6 Panchayath. Police can’t attend any action in time. In this circumstances, Ayiroor Police station come into existence with a jurisdiction of Panchyaths of Elakaman , Edava. and major portion of Chemmaruthi. Most of the Harijan colony comes in to Ayiroor Police station and station running in a rented building.

Jurisdiction Details

The jurisdiction of Ayiroor Police Station extends to the revenue villages of Ayiroor, Edava and Chemmaruthi. The Panchayaths comes under this station limit are Elakaman , Edava and Chemmaruthi

Border Police Stations

The border police stations of Ayiroor Police station are Parippally, Paravoor, Kallambalam, and Varkala

Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

Jurisdiction of Ayiroor Police Station comes under Attingal Parliament Constituency and in Varkala Legislative Assembly

Jurisdictional Court

Judicial First Class Magistrate Court - I, Varkala

Major Establishments and Institutions


  • PH Centers at Thonippara, Chemmaruthi and Edava
  • Ayurveda Hospital at Thachode

Government Institutions

  • The government institutions are the Village offices, Panchayath Offices, PH Centers, Government schools, Ayurvada hospital and a Vetenary hospital.

Educational Institutions

  • Koonambai Kulathamma Engineerig College Chavarcode
  • CHMM College Chgavarcodu
  • Palayamkunnu GHSS
  • Panayara GHSS
  • Kappil GHSS
  • Edava Muslim GHSS

Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Indian Overseas Bank Edava
  • State Bank of Travancore Palayamkunnu
  • Federal Bank Nadayara

Religious Buildings and Places

  • Edava Palakkavu Bhagavathi Temple
  • Kappil Bhagavathi Temple
  • Panayara Thripporittakkavu Temple
  • Ayiroor Thrimpallor Temple
  • Thottumugham Puttil Temple
  • St: Thomas Church Hariharapuram
  • Mosques at Edava and Kalathara

Edava Palakkavu Bhagavathi Temple

Edava Palakkavu Bhagavathi temple

The Edava Palakkavu Bhagavathi temple is one of the ancient temples in south India and is situated at Edava in Thiruvananthapuram District. The presiding deity of this temple is Bhadrakali Devi . A festival is conducted during the month of “Kumbham”. The main attractions of this festival are Thrikodiyettu, Ahaspooja, Sreebhoothabali, Uthsavabali, kalamzhuthum pattum, Thottam pattu, Ponkkala, Pallivetta, Ghosayathra, Aarattu, Thookapayattu, Garudanparappu and thrikodiyirakku

Kappil Bhagavathi Temple

Kappil Bhagavathi Temple

Kappil Bhagavathy Temple is a famous temple in southern Kerala located at Kappil, Thiruvananthapuram. There are two temples, one for Lord Siva and the other for Devi Bhadrakali. The festival in Bhadrakali temple is very famous and it happens on the day of "Meena Bharani" which is a famous day all over the Kerala. Kappil Lord Shiva temple is believed to be about 1,000 years old. Kappil Bhagavathy Temple is listed in many histories of Kerala. The old royal family from Thiruvithaamkoor used to visit this place during their summer vacation. It is believed by residents of the area that the cosmic power of this temple is strong.

St: Thomas Church Hariharapuram

St: Thomas Church Hariharapuram

The famous St.Thomas Church is a main attraction of Ayroor. St. Thomas Latin Catholic church stands against the serene and scenic backdrop of Ayroor-Hariharapuram village. It named after Christ’s most reasonable disciple, St. Thomas, it showers God’s blessings to all who comes in its vicinity since its inception in 1911. Much before the inception of the present church, there existed at a near-by place called ‘Kayalpuram Pandakashala’, church since 1840, which is said to have, somehow, burnt down in 1895. A disillusioned Christian community then, sold off their properties, shifted towards Ayroor and made Hariharapuram permanent church building.

Transportation – Main Roads

The main roads are Parippaly Varkala Road, Oonninmmodu Varkala Road and Kappil Varkala Road

Rivers and Main Cultivation

River Chemmaruthi Parvathi Puthanar via Nadayara

Places which have Historical Importance

Edava has witnessed important historical events in Kerala. Historical references show that during the rule of Queen Umayamma one `Mughal Sardar' attacked Venad in the year 1680. His reign extended from the South of Thovala to Edava. In the year 1726, Queen of Attingal gave permission to the British East Indian Company to build a Pandakasaala (warehouse) near what is now called Vettakkada, close to the Arabian Sea. But even before the setting up of this Pandakasaala, Denmark traders had constructed a trading hub over there. This location at Vettakkada is still named Paandiyala, a worn-out usage of Paandakasaala, which is the Malayalam for warehouse. The first printing press in the erstwhile Travancore, or perhaps in Kerala, with facility to print in Arabic script, was established in Edava in 1936. Edava village is on the northwest boundary of Thiruvananthapuram district adjacent to the Arabian Sea and situated between two municipalities, Varkala to the south and Paravur to the north. The railway line between Trivandrum and Kollam passes through this village.

Tourism Importance

Edava & Kappil Beach

Accident Prone Areass

Kochuparippaly, Manthara and Edava

Various Projects through the Police Station

The Clean Campus Safe campus are applied at Palayamkunnu HS, Panayara HS , Kappil GHS and Edava Muslim HS